Custom Application Development

Generic Applications are great but, they can also be:

  • Too complex
  • Contains lots of features that you never use
  • Never quite fit your working practises
  • Too expensive
  • Don't integrate with your other systems very well

So is it time to consider a different approach?

Get the application you want built to suit you needs and your requirements

  • Clean - no excess options that you don't use
  • Streamlined to your working practises
  • Cost effective

 Working with the latest technology

CCPM 2 App bar - reduced

We are very excited about the possibility of creating applications for the new range of Windows 8 based tablets. The convenience and usefulness of tablets for social and domestic applications is now well proven, how about bringing about the same change top the work place.

Visual Software Systems are now well advanced on several preview projects that will demonstrate the type of flexibility and convenience that this type of application will offer. Register to be kept up to date on what's available.