Windows Store Apps for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Can you schedule - a manufacturing scheduling game

 Promotional CYS 414x180

This game challenges you to meet delivery targets and make as much money as possible in a variety of manufacturing environments. More details here.

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Warehouse Dispatcher - a logistics training app

 Promotional WD 414x232

Discover the complexities of resource management that cause warehouse distribution issues, given a variety of different scenarios, can you ship all the deliveries on time. More details here.

Train Wrecker - have fun crashing trains

 Promotional WD 414x232

Build a track that get your train moving as fast as possible and score points by maximizing the speed that you crash into the computer's

Available in the Windows Store

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Also available in Indonesian

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Profits On-Track

 cumulative tax per year - promotional

A profit against target tracking app for users of the xero accounting system, more details here.

The link to the app in the Windows Store


Spread Bills over time

 balance 414

An app for users of the xero accounting system that allows bills to spread across a subscription period, more details here.

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